ANALYSIS: a limited engagement in recreational dysfunction


Silverstreet Gallery
1833 North San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065 MAP

ANALYSIS: a limited engagement in recreational dysfunction
by Abel Alejandre and Cindy Suriyani

NELA Artwalk:  August 8, 2009,  7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Opening Reception:  August 15, 2009,  7:00 -10:00 p.m.

Exhibit duration:  August 8, 2009 – September 12, 2009.

Hours:  By appointment.  Call 323-610-1526.

At once biting and humorous, ANALYSIS dares us to enter a mental landscape we are all too familiar with, gratingly close to brain and bone, the world of our own gleeful, maddening, jump off the cliff dysfunction.  Norman Lear had written the all too often quoted observation “life is made of small pleasures.”   According to Suriyani and Alejandre, If that is the case, then it is surely also made of small unsure moments of intense psychosis.  In this exhibit, filled with fields of bright monochrome and black and white, and fragments of perpetual self psychoanalysis, we are confronted with the dark beauties of our own imperfection.

The exhibit opens up with six (6)  five (5) feet by five (5) feet images, in  oil paint and charcoal, of distendedly large faces, heads in colors of cotton candy and stark black and white.  The expressions of the heads vary, ranging from vacuous and cheerful, to dazed and filled with misunderstood wrath.  In the center of the room is an installation comprising of a circle of chairs, a just used table filled with various detritus as if an artifact of a lost civilization, and a plethora of voices in deep discussion with each other and with their own unheard sentience or lack of. In the end, we may want to laugh, scream, enunciate, and breathe deeply at the vagaries of our own existence.

Contact Information
Silverstreet Gallery
1833 North San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, CA  90065
(Go around the back of the building, turning on
Macon St, and a left turn on Cypress.  Gallery has parking.)

phone: 323.869.8881

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